Tot Soccer
 is a  501 C 3 non-profit  organization.  We would like to grow and one day have our own facility so we can offer more programs to provide for all the young tots who would like to play soccer. In order to do so, we need donations.
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Sunrise Youth Sports
A 501-C3 Non-Profit Organization 
Winter 2 session starts at Sportsplex Friday, March 7th at 6pm. There have been some changes made to the schedule due to tournaments at Sportsplex. We will start March 7th, off on March 14th and April 11th, which means in order to get all 6 sessions in we will end on April 25th.
Winter session will Start March 7th. Registration form is posted up on tots registration tabs. We are still offering the 5 dollar discount to new registers mail in only, you can still use paypal to sign up also.
We are doing a tots session at Gameday in Oberlin also. You can go to the web site and sign up at  Go to the link Quickfeet, the click on Quickfeet for all the information.

 Tots Soccer Association was created around the motto, “Where Every Child Has a Place to Shine”. Our mission is to increase the athletic ability of young children, while also providing them with a fun and safe environment. Community recreational programs do not have the time or the staffing to give each child the attention they need to succeed. Tots Soccer Association provides one coach for a maximum of seven children, and focuses on helping these children improve their motor skills, their ability to follow directions, and their self-esteem. The children who have completed our program have become valuable players on their current soccer teams. It is definitely a gratifying experience to see a child succeed at a positive and enjoyable activity.  Tots Soccer Association gives every child a chance to shine.

The  Tots program was initiated in the summer of 2009 with only nine children enrolled. The following session started in early Fall with a definite increase in participants (24 children). In the beginning, only one class was offered for children ages 3-6. In January of 2010, it was decided to make two different age groups due to the increase in participants. The two different age groups were Beginners (ages 3-4) and Advanced (ages 4-5). In 2011, we formed  Tots Soccer Association and became a 501c3, non-profit organization. We ran the program with the two groups until September of 2012 when there was a need to expand the program and offer another age group.  Tots Soccer Association now offers three different age groups, which are Beginners (ages 3-4), Intermediate (ages 4-5), and Advanced (ages 5-7).

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